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May 17, 2010


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Chris Beard

I used to be in your camp on this issue, but am not any longer. I wasn't going to get an iPad until I actually used a colleague's one day, then went out to Best Buy (no Apple store close by) and got the 16 GB entry model. I was concerned that no flash support would be a problem, however I have found that casual surfing hasn't been impeded at all. A number of newspapers have apps, or there are aggregation apps that collect news and video. There's a YouTube app. I found the sites I visit that have heavy flash usage have developed apps (mostly free) for use on the iPad. Besides, flash is the ONLY reason my MacBook Pro crashes, so I understand Steve Jobs on this. The iPad is a phenomenal device. On paper it doesn't look like much, when you consider the features vs. drawbacks, but once you experience one it's remarkable. Just get one. You can always sell it on eBay when the version 2.0 comes out...

Stephen Skarlatos


I am glad to hear from a real user. I have not had many real data points, and this gives me more food for thought.

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