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March 09, 2010


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Chris Beard

Your post is another strike against my intention to buy an iPad. No Flash support in the iPad is still huge for me. Like the other day I was in retail and wanted to check out a manufacturer's site for product info. But the site was nearly all in flash (that's an issue in and of itself), so I couldn't view on my iPhone. The problem I continue to have is that the iPad will be an additional device, not replacing anything I already have. Even casual surfing will inevitably lead me to reach for my notebook with the browser when flash comes into play. So while I'm on the notification list for pre-order, I'm still not convinced I will get one right away.
Regarding eReaders: I have the Kindle and Stanza app for the iPhone and that is satisfactory enough for me to read my books on the go. I got used to the small format and more often turning pages. The quality has been good enough for me.

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