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October 31, 2009


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Chris Beard

So throughout the various upgrade processes to Windows 7 have you yet had any instances that made you wish you had done a clean install vs. an OS upgrade? I have a relatively new machine without a lot of installed programs and am trying to determine if a clean install might not be a better option than an upgrade.

Stephen Skarlatos

I have been using my X60 pretty heavily and have found no issue with the upgrade path.


What's the Windows 7 Companion DVD for? It wont' let me install on my vaio fw 290.

Stephen Skarlatos

It is for the hardware drivers and Sony specific applications. It is specific to the type of machine you are using. If this is a VAIO P companion disk it will not work on a VAIO FW series machine.


Just wondering...where you able to keep your Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009? (if it came pre-installed)

Stephen Skarlatos

Yes, Streets and Trips 2009 works well with Windows 7, I have had no issues.


I wish I could say the same as you, tried to install windows 7 yesterday, it took a very long time.
Followed sony's instructions, by using Disc 1 Vaio Supplement disc ! and then disc 2 which is windows 7.

The function key no longer works, I can't follow the instructions to re inserting supplement Disk to complete the installation. It keeps saying its not window vista drivers etc.....
But the PC seem to work, apart from the function buttons

Stephen Skarlatos

Are you talking about the functions keys accross the top of the keyboard. If so they are part of the base OS keyboard drivers, so I would go into device manager and update the keyboard drivers.

Salman Khan

Does the Companion DVD only contain drivers and only Sony specific applications?

So if I was to do a "Clean Install" of Windows 7, I would lose Microsoft Street and Trips 2009?

Stephen Skarlatos

Correct, the Sony companion DVD does not contain MS Streets and Trips, only drivers.

You could upgrade, then create the recovery disks which will create a fresh copy of the OS with all the Sony included apps.

Salman Khan

Thanks for confirming Stephen.

I've just got my Vaio P on Saturday and have been reading posts on different forums.

From I have gathered, the machine works best when a clean install of Windows 7 is installed. I've never had much luck with upgrades. Upgrades also tend to use up more of the HDD space.

April Green

Ok, so I installed windows 7 with the upgrade I still have to download the companion dvd? I received both from Sony.

Stephen Skarlatos

Yes, you should run the companion DVD to update the Sony software. Also there is a new BIOS and Graphics driver available on the Sony support site. Last week I updated my machine and have seen a huge performance improvement.


I did an in place upgrade from vista (ugh!) to win 7. While it took a long time (several hours) the result was amazing.
Once you've finished (and also a good idea before you start) run something like "tune up" utilities over your registry. Mine went from 100+MB under vista to about 55MB under Win7 thats with ALL the Sony add-ons included.
Its also important to note that a raw install of windows (any release) contains dozens of registry errors. Your system will run so much faster with these fixed, and the registry de-fragmented.
Once I'd upgraded I removed all the upgrade rubbish (c: properties/tools/disk cleanup/ select everything) you'll get back a couple of Gig of space!
Then defrag the hard drive.

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