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June 17, 2009


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Chris Beard

Even more discerning is that I still have not received any notification on my iPhone due for Friday. I ordered on and it still says, "in progress" as my status. I called AT&T today and they said they will be released today, but the rep didn't know what that meant. By the sound of it, most who ordered through got tracking numbers already, but those on have not. Guess I should have ordered through The rep thought she might have heard that they wouldn't ship until Friday, which would really be frustrating. There are also rumors that they are holding back online orders to ensure they have enough phones to meet in-store demand. Still, I ordered last Wednesday AM, so I should be towards the front of the online orders.

Stephen Skarlatos

Same here, my order is in processing status. I have received 2 emails confirming the order. The AT&T Twitter did say to expect an email with tracking info today. We will see. I will post if I get anything.

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