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May 28, 2009


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Chris Carlin

Microsoft owns the digital living room's ecosystem? Show me the numbers :)

If anything, the digital living room's ecosystem is owned by cable companies and DVRs, not xboxes or multimedia PCs.

Anyway, a large amount of the iPod's success can be traced not to iTunes itself (which, BTW, a whole lot of people love), but to its lack of annoying DRM hassles. Microsoft has made a continual mess of these, and there's no reason to believe that's going away with the next generation of the Zune.

In fact, the move into focus on HD content probably represents even greater chances that the company will screw up on that front.

Microsoft has left a trail of horribly failed consumer devices stretching back two decades now, and generally the company has nobody but itself to blame for these. There's no reason to expect that the company has had a revelation and learned how to make consumer devices at this point.

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