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April 27, 2009


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Butch McNurlan

Today (8/29/2009), I was listening to a program called, "China Today". It is a news program that originates from China. One of the segments spoke of how Apple has partnered with one of the major cell phone providers in China and that the provider uses CDMA technology.

So, the question becomes, can a Chinese market CDMA iPhone be hacked so that it will work with Verizon's network?

Stephen Skarlatos

China Unicom originally had a GSM and CDMA network. In 2008 they sold their CDMA network to China Telecom. The iPhone is a GSM phone and will work on their GSM network.

Anthony Guselnikov

Just found this article searching for something unrelated.

First things first: you might find it shocking but modern cellphones use separate standards for data and for voice. GSM phones use TDMA for voice, and CDMA phones use CDMA for voice.

With data it gets somewhat tricky. You see CDMA turned out to be a pretty good standard as far as mobile bandwidth is concerned, so most currently deployed 3G standards are CDMA derived. Yes, especially on GSM carriers. EDGE was TDMA-based but it could hardly be called 3G. AT&T IPhone actually has Qualcomm derived WCDMA chip inside of it:

CDMA is not "at the end of it's road", on the contrary it is in it's golden age (for data, anyway). LTE standard and WiMAX don't seek to replace CDMA in any capacity (for voice or data), they are separate standards that are intended to run on top of existing technologies to enhance speeds.

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