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April 10, 2009


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Chris Carlin

By the way, the topic of these new commercials came up when I was hanging out with a bunch of average, non-technical, non-Mac fans the other day, and the response was, for the most part, confusion.

The consensus was that this campaign is a trainwreck, like a bad reality game show. "How did that money work again? Why do they act so surprised to get paid at the end of the commercial if they knew they'd be getting paid, and if they were shopping for themselves, why were they paid at all? And why bury the message in this ginned up drama... complete with mentions that Macs are better?"

I hadn't really been thinking in those terms, but I saw where my friends were coming from. To them these commercials certainly didn't say anything new--do people really not know Macs are a premium brand? And wouldn't they quickly discover that and move on with their shopping anyway?--but only portrayed confusion about the computer buying process.

I'm not sure why you find these commercials so successful. Certainly they could have communicated their message more effectively in other ways.

Stephen Skarlatos

Very interesting, I have gotten a 180 degree view from my friends who are not involved with technology. They want a laptop for browsing, email, some word processing, music (iTunes) and basic photo manipulation. They are interested in value, screen size, weight and color. I am always amused about the color piece, I am a big fan of the Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, which come in basic black, and have a hard time convincing them to take look at the ThinkPad. Back to the point they find the ads hit their mark and some pointed it out that they were surprised about the Sony VAIO which is viewed as a high end brand.

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