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March 05, 2009


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So, according to you, which OS is more popular? Because as far as I know Windows Mobile outsold iPhone handedly in 2008, especially around Christmas time when iPhone only shipped 4.4 million and Windows Mobile did 5 million, on the back of great consumer devices like the HTC Touch Diamond.

I dont know why the iPhone is held up as such a great example of what makes a great smartphone. Symbian outsells them by a long shot, as does RIM and even Windows Mobile.

Get back to me when the iPhone gets great consumer features like video recording, MMS messaging and turn by turn GPS navigation. Or how about the basic ability to forward a text message?


It would relevant for you to quote your source. My source, The Gartner Group shows that in 3Q08 4.720 millions iPhones were sold, while only 4.053 million Windows Mobile devices were sold. They also show that Windows Mobile lost 3% market share compared 3Q07. .Gartner should be announcing 4Q08 numbers shortly and I will post them.

Yes, the Symbian OS has the largest worldwide share of the market, the problem is that not all Symbian devices can be considered smartphones because Nokia dumbs them down, unfortunately nobody seems to publish a breakdown by model. It would be interesting to know how many N95s were sold. Yes, businesses still love their Blackberries, but as I mentioned Apple will continue to close the functionality gap, and we will see what the numbers look like at the end of 2009.

On the application front, I found 4 MMS applications, 1 turn by turn Navigation application, there are several video recording and SMS forwarding applications (just search the App Store or the new Cydia Store).

Now, as I said the iPhone has a ways to go, but you can't deny that it has shaken up the smartphone world with everyone trying to copy Apple's lead. Also, everytime there is a major update I am not forced to buy a new device and I don't loose my configuration during the upgrade.

Chris Carlin

Surur, it's funny that you talk about a dearth of consumer features on a device that consistently ranks top in customer satisfaction. This is a theory versus reality thing: in theory your missing features are a huge failing, but we have the empirical evidence that they're not.

Anyway, Ballmer answered that MS sold more Windows Mobile phones than Apple sold iPhones last year... but such statements have always been misleading, especially from Microsoft who has a history of (for example) strategically stuffing retail channels to improve its image.

But what does it really mean? That the platform is healthy? Well, it's lost many of its major vendors, so it doesn't sound that healthy... That most of the business's employees will be using it? Well no, those numbers are averaged over the entire world and not just the business's corner.

So take what he said with a grain of salt. Whether Windows Mobile is being a success or not, his statement is far from the whole story.

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