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December 10, 2008


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Murphy Mac

Thanks for the info on international roaming. I can totally see myself skipping the voice and getting the data.
I don't have an iPhone yet, but I will!


This is incredibly helpful -- thank you so much. The call forwarding suggestion is brilliant. I just wanted to confirm -- text messages are covered by the data plan? Do you turn the data plan on and off when you are overseas, or just leave it on constantly, with calls forwarded? Any assistance with these questions is really appreciated.

Stephen Skarlatos

Text messages are not covered under International Data Plans. You would need a separate option for text message.

I leave Data on, since you need data to recieve the visual voicemail messages when someone calls you, but I turn off email push and I manually synchronize my emails several times a day. The other big item is to track your usage, under settings/general/usage daily just to make sure you are within bounds of the international data plan you purchased.


Hi, brother. nice to meet you and saw you blog. Now i met a big problem: when I use my at&t card in China, my cost nearly $3500 last month. The list from said that i use too much with GPRS($3000). so my question is how could I check the details for my GPRS and which number could I call out for challenge this issue with at&t supporters?
thanks so much and waiting for your answer.



please kindly reply my question via e-mail, I cannot broswer in day time:)
many thanks!


Stephen Skarlatos


You should be able to view the detail of the GPRS data charges on your bill, unfortunately it will only show time and Kilobytes of data not the sites you were browsing (as shown in my post). I would call customer service and complain that you were not advised of the roaming charges. You can probably negotiate a reduction and payment plan, but I doubt they will eliminate all of the charges.

I am sorry you got caught in the roaming charge money pit. Best of luck.


Stumbled upon this entry and wanted to check something with you for verification - you said you forwarded your phone to voicemail...since that forwarding is effectively taking place here in the states, there is no need for AT&T to send the call to your foreign country, realize it's being forwarded, then have it get bounced back, correct?

So don't you figure it would it effectively work the same way if the forward number was not to voicemail, but to another number in the US (in my case, my google voice number, for voicemail, etc)?

Stephen Skarlatos

Yes, I don't believe you would be charged international roaming charges, but the forwarded calls would be charged against the minutes included in your monthly plan.

Too bad you can't add an international number to your 5 forwarded number. That would allow you to buy a local SIM card you could forward your calls to.


I just found this page because I searching for any additional info on the subject, as I recently traveled to China, had done everything AT&T said on their international travel tips page (including resetting the usage on the iphone, buying an international data roaming package, etc.) and despite all my precautions, I just got my bill back with $504.75 in Usage Charges, specifically for General Packet Radio Service "Mobile-to-Web" Data Charges.
Nowhere in AT&T's documentation did it say anything about that, nor did I get any indication that I was being charged overage fees while I was in China, and my I shut off my iPhone once it hit 49.6 MB on the reset Usage Counter.
You can be sure I'll be fighting this one...

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