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December 31, 2008


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Hi, I was looking for reviews of the Ridax charge converter as I was thinking of trying it in my car (works with the iPhone 3G but no charging) and in my search I happened upon your blog.

First I just want to say, good job on the blog and the installation info, very nice :)

Secondly I was wondering how it has been going with the Ridax, does it work well? Their no returns policy, lack of any real use info and durability or warranty makes me a bit hesitant.

Thanks in advance for your feedback, cheers

Stephen Skarlatos

Thanks, The Ridax charge converter works well. It is a simple step down circuit which takes the Firewire 12 volt charge signal and steps it down to the USB 5 volt charge signal (Apple new charge standard). I ordered other iPod connector parts from Ridax and I have always found the quality to be excellent. They also are responsive to emails, so I never even thought twice about ordering from them, even if their prices are on the steep side...


Great, thanks for the info!


Do you use Pandora or other streaming apps with your intravee+kca-420i setup? If so how well does it work?

Stephen Skarlatos

I have not tried using a streaming app but I will try it. However, I doubt it will work because the KCA-420i starts the iPod application on the iPhone automatically when you plug it in.



I'm about to do the same installation on an 02 BMW X5.

I have an old build in Motorola car-kit.
Is there away of wiring the iPhone 3G so it works with the built in handsfree system?.

Thanks and you done a great job on your car.


Hello, I to have an e53 and the iPhone spec doc combo make the perfect car computer, with ability to use navigation, play music, and bluetooth phone with a headset.
My questions are, what spec.doc do you have?I have the FireWire version and dice link pre apple swap to USB charging. My 3g stopped charging as documented. I need an easy way to make this work without having to replace the expensive spec.doc. Dice offers a new cable for $39 but I would loose the spec.doc, unless there is a way to replace the cable inside the dock (looks glued in to me). If you have the original spec.doc, where is your voltage converter plugged into? I always wondered why Dice didn't modify just the the unit between the spec.doc cable and the dice unit, instead of requiring an entire new cable. Seems like a more logical approach to make further modifications if necessary

Stephen Skarlatos

I use the Ridax charge converter which has female and male 30 pin Apple dock connectors. the cable coming out of my SpecDock terminates as a female 30 pin Apple doc connector, so that is where I attached the charge converter, I then use an extension 30 pin dock cable from CableJive to connect the Alpine AI unit.

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