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October 06, 2008


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Chris Carlin

Once again, a writer missing an important part of the picture: many consumers just want their cellphones to make phone calls.

T-Mobile offers good value, good service, and (based on all I've heard plus my own experiences) good customer service. They don't offer 3G or snazzy, feature-filled phones, but so what? Quite a few people don't want that at all.

The author talks like T-Mobile needs to reinvent or rehabilitate itself... as if it's not doing a fine job as is. This smacks of a person blinded by flashy gadgets that the vast majority of customers just don't use.

Maybe at some point down the road consumers will start demanding more from their phones, but even that's not assured. For T-Mobile to take resources away from what it's doing right now to run towards R&D could be a terrible move.

Stephen Skarlatos


I agree with you in principle, except that T-Mobile may be spending money on G1 R&D. For myself I would like to see more advanced handsets but you are right that most people do not need the bells and whistles.

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