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September 16, 2008


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Ron Daley


What they fail to tell you is they use a typical "front end" / "back end" Exchange environment you see in large Exchange deployments. HOWEVER, unlike most corporate systems, the do NOT give you access to control your own spam.

Issue: I get a Daily Report from WSJ. GoDaddy sees it as spam and blocks it. Blocks a LOT of stuff that I WANT to see.

Piss poor solution.

Stephen Skarlatos

Sorry to hear you are having problems. I don't have any problems, no lost mail, no excessive SPAN, etc. I get several emails from WSJ morning, noon, evening and alerts with no problems.

Make sure you let them know...

David Long

I realize this conversation is really old but I am trying to figure out how to get my godaddy email folders on my iphone. I get all my emails but I can not organize them to the appropriate subfolder like I can from my computer at the godaddy site. Any ideas?

Stephen Skarlatos

I assume you configured GoDaddy as an Exchange account. Under the Mailbox you should see all of the folders that where created in Outlook. If you don't the mail account is probably not configured as an Exchange account.

In OS 3.x you can also push email to selected folders under settings/mail, contacts../(account name)/mail folders to push

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