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September 19, 2008


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Don Glasgow

Glad you had an easy migration. I'm considering doing the same thing for exactly the same reasons. The domain being in the same place is a big deal.

Hoping you'll follow up with a review of speed any any problems you might encounter. Since it's a good several hour - I'd hate to have to switch back for any reason :)

So far so good for you?


Stephen Skarlatos


I will follow up with how things are going next week, but so far I am very pleased. The only minor issue I forgot to document was deleting the 4smartphone autodiscover entry I created in the hosts file.

Message delivery is fast in both Outlook and on the iPhone.


Do you know how to configure the iphone to access the godaddy exchange hosting? Thanks!


Stephen Skarlatos

Hi Chris,

Here is the link to configuring the iPhone for GoDaddy's Hosted Exchange service. . One caveat not mentioned you do not need to enter a domain name.


Hi Stephen,

Just did the same thing, and migrated to using GoDaddy Hosted Exchange.

As a side note, do you know if there is a way to specify a different reply-to address?

Haven't found any info on if this is possible.

Thanks again for your post. It helped a lot with my migration!


Stephen Skarlatos

The way I do this is to create a POP3 account with the alias from email I want to use. I use a dummy inbound smtp server name and I use my broadband's provider's (VZ FIOS) outbound SMTP server.

When you reply or create an email you then select the account you want to send it from using the drop down below the send button.

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