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August 04, 2008


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Chris Beard

I had been wondering what your decision would be. I can understand the decision you made and can endorse it myself, as I find myself using my iPod Touch more for email and calendar than my SmartPhone. Since I'm around WiFi about 20 hours a day or more, this hasn't been an issue. So are you going to drop your T-Mobile account?
Personally my account comes due in March, with my wife's already due now, so I am eligible for a new phone on her account already and I will be next March (my wife is a German creature of habit and likes her old phone). I have reached the decision that if there is no movement on 3G service coupled with better devices on T-Mobile in March I will be switching to AT&T. Not something I will want to do, but I'm tired of T-Mobile's promises and waiting around forever. If the SonyEricsson X1 turns out to be T-Mobile I might check that out when it launches. Otherwise perhaps Apple will release a 32 GB iPhone in the meantime, which will make it a no-brainer for me to switch to AT&T when my account comes due in the spring.

Stephen Skarlatos

My family is still on the T-Mobile Family plan and I have just added my number to their MyFaves. Our contract ends in May 09, and we will make a decision whether to switch everyone over to AT&T.

You have to give T-Mobile the nod on the cost front, they are cheaper. Unfortunately with no 3G and no announced 3G smartphones phones in the near term, the iPhone was just too tempting to pass up.

It does look like Apple will release a 32GB iPhone 3G for the Christmas season.

I think the Sony Ericsson X1 will be a compelling device, however right now it looks like it will be sold by Sony Style (stores and web) at a retail pricing since no carriers have officially picked it up.

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