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June 24, 2008


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Chris Beard

Has the infamous memory leak problem been solved in 6.1? One of the things I really like about my Nokia is the fact that I only shut it off and reboot when flying, sometimes weeks apart. Further reboots just aren't necessary. With my Wing I was rebooting every other day, which seemed to take forever. But I also am missing a Qwerty keyboard and I can't schedule or accept Exchange meeting invites on my Nokia, so I might be ready to come back to WM sometime soon, maybe after 3G gets rolled out with some better WM devices for T-Mobile...

Stephen Skarlatos

I have been using an AT&T Tilt as my daily driver and have not had a chance to try the update on my Wing (which I need to sell on eBay at this point)...

The reboots on the Tilt with 6.1 are infrequent, probably average once a week.

It looks like Sony's Experia X1 is destined for the T-Mobile 3G network and probably will be my next WM device, unless the HTC Touch Pro is adapted to the T-Mobile US 3G frequencies.

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