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May 06, 2008


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Chris Beard

I have been wondering if they weren't getting close with 3G. The reason is I have been noticing my phone (Nokia E65 purchased unlocked in Europe through Vodafone) has been sporadically picking up 3G signal. At first I thought it was a glitch on the phone, but after reading the news I think they might be opening it up for testing purposes. What I can't determine is if Toledo is an actual market or if I am part of the Detroit area, which seems to be on the semi-short list of cities to be activated soon. I was happy to read that service will be UMTS and HSDPA because my phone only supports UMTS. We'll see what offerings T-Mobile USA will come out with for 3G phones. If history is any judge it won't be very impressive...
Also I can't see T-Mobile purchasing Sprint. There are court hearings going on in Germany now regarding T-Mobile's purchase of VoiceStream, and Ron Sommer, the former CEO of T-Mobile had to testify in court if he knew of VS's troubles before the purchase, because T-Mobile Germany's stock took a huge dive after that and stockholders are suing the company. In lieu of that I can't imagine the board going approving this, especially with regard to the network issues you outlined.

Stephen Skarlatos

Funny you brought up seeing the 3G icon on your N95, today I noticed an H icon (HSDPA) for the first time on my Tilt. It never connected and went back to Edge.

I remember hearing about the shareholder lawsuits in Germany over the Voicestream purchase, unbelievable that it still making its way through the courts.

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