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May 20, 2008


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I had the same theory except that i didnt have any unlocked phones i could try this tell me, did it work? that is, did u verify that you dont need to refresh your myfaves every month? did u find out if the system eventually do anything to your myfaves?....plz let me know i been dying to know!!!

Stephen Skarlatos

Once I setup/validated My Faves on a My Faves compatible phone and switched my SIM card to a non My Faves phone, the 5 numbers I had setup were billed as My Faves. As long as I did not change them they worked on the new phone without needing a monthly refresh. However, changing any one of them requires going back to a My Faves phone to refresh the account.


awesome!!! what about other features? i have the unlimited data plan and i know that the new iphone now runs in a better (faster) network, so will using the iphone give me the same speed as the ATT network?

Stephen Skarlatos

Unfortunately, T-Mobile USA and AT&T are using different frequencies for 3G. This means that the iPhone 3G cannot use 3G on T-Mobile USA.

If you can SIM unlock an iPhone 3G (which is currently very difficult) and want to run it on T-Mobile USA you would be relegated to the slower EDGE speed.


A bit disappointing but i guess i can live with it.....thanks for the help


hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me unlock the iphone? or give me any hints!

Stephen Skarlatos

Here is a forum you should check out.

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