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May 19, 2008


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Chris Carlin

Do I understand you correctly that anyone in the plan can call anyone's favorite for free? That is, I could call someone my wife has in her favorites list?

Also, I'd be interested in the result of your experiment of using a phone without My Faves software to dial a Faves number. Keep us updated.

In the end it sounds like this whole plan is to further encourage people to use HotSpot@Home. TMobile must find it very cost effective to support that service.

Stephen Skarlatos

Yes, that is what the CS person told me. If you have 5 phones you get 25 numbers, 4 phones 20 numbers and so on. I had heard this as a rumor, but he confirmed that he had tried personally. I will be checking my calls on the web sites to see if that is in fact the case.

I will have a chance to try it tonight with my iPhone.

I agree with you, HotSpot@Home gives them added capacity at little cost.

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