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May 12, 2008


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Chris Carlin

Do you have a link to the rumor of the tablet computer? I hadn't heard that rumor, but I'd be surprised if Apple went that direction after the spectacular failures of the past.

Stephen Skarlatos


I found it in several articles, here is a quote from macrumors: "but there have been rumors that Apple was developing a mini-tablet multitouch device for launch in 2008. This PDA-like device would reportedly have a higher screen resolution (720x480) and be about 1.5x the size of the existing iPhone."

And I4U News: "Apple is rumored to be building a Mobile Internet Device (MID). The MIDs market is shaping up and with the Intel Atom chipset it might have a chance this time around - anybody remember UMPCs?"

On a related note, there is a company called axiotron which uses an obscure clause in their Apple OEM agreement to legally modify Mac laptops into Tablet PCs using a WACOM digitizer. They apparently add their own drivers to enable some Newton code in Leopard.

Chris Carlin


I recently started using a tablet PC (found it in surplus at work), and have come to appreciate it as an internet tablet.

If Apple releases such a thing, and it's done properly, perhaps it will be my entrance into Apple ownership.

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