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April 16, 2008


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Chris Carlin

It really is interesting to consider the nagging problems that the internet has never managed to solve despite it's ubiquity and capacity.

You touch on a whole category of problems relating to transferring and storing files. It's amazing to see people emailing small files to themselves and emailing them to friends with whom they are in interactive communication over high speed links. Or worse: skipping the internet all together and using removable storage despite both computers' connections to the net.

It's obviously the wrong tool for the job most of the time, but then there isn't any widely-used better alternative.

Why this failure? In this day and age of near-ubiquitous and fairly fast internet access and dirt cheep storage, why isn't there a good way to send documents back and forth or easily store them temporarily?

Your cameras fall into this hole: they simply need to upload a picture to the internet... but look how much of a hassle this simple operation ends up being.

There's a systemic failure in there somewhere...

Stephen Skarlatos

Chris, I could not agree more. I am currently working with a company to help them collaboratively use files on a document server without emailing them to each other. The project is more about modifying the ingrained culture than the technology.

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