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January 22, 2008


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Chris Carlin

What you have to realize about the Apple TV is that it was never supposed to be a roaring success before. When it was announced last year, and in every Apple release I've heard since, the Apple TV was proposed as, well, a toy that would appeal to a few people.

Apple said it would have some sales, but not the huge number of other Apple products, That seems to be exactly what happened.

So was it a flop? I hardly think so. For one thing, as I said, it met expectations, but for another, every sale of the device was profitable for Apple.

Behind the scenes is where the real magic happened. Apple put the Apple TV out there while it focused on the iPhone and other lines, but all the while it was learning about how to improve the Apple TV. The device is now stronger based on this approach.

Now Apple is turning its attention to the Apple TV, and NOW we'll see whether it succeeds or not. I certainly have my criticisms of where Apple took it, but let's see.

If in a year's time Apple TV hasn't sold much then you'd have reason to label it as a flop, but so far it's been nothing but a small success.

Stephen Skarlatos

We will have to wait and see...

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