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November 23, 2007


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Chris Beard

German press was reporting that T-Mobile Germany said unlocked users of the iPhone will not have access to T-Mobile's "high speed network." T-Mobile Germany has a fairly substantial UMTS network, but since the iPhone doesn't support UMTS/3G anyway, I can't see how that will matter. Regardless, that price is silly money, I can't imagine people actually paying for it. Still, I have until March (which is when I'm going back to Germany) to find out if the "official" T-Mobile phone will work on T-Mobile's network here with my US SIM card. T-Mobile Germany has plans for as little as 10 Euros per month, so I might just pick up a monthly contract with a SIM card there and use my US SIM card here... if it will work.

Chris Beard

I posted above that I can't imagine anyone paying the high price for an unlocked phone. Well, one German mobile company, Debitel, is paying new customers 600 Euros if they sign a new contract *with T-Mobile's iPhone.* So there is an incentive for consumers to get some of their money back that they paid to T-Mobile by signing on with another cell phone contract other than T-Mobile. Sounds like very clever marketing and sales, something I'll bet T-Mobile and Apple did not foresee. Debitel guarantees every iPhone functionality except visual voicemail will work in their network. Although I am a T-Mobile fan I have to take my hat off to Debitel.

Dan Atkins

Chris Beard -- Have you confirmed whether or not a T-Mobile iphone from Germany will work in the US with a US Tmobile SIM card?? Please reply to my email -- [email protected] Thanks!!

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