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November 13, 2007


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I also installed the latest Money and was also thinking the same. This should not have been released yet. There are too many issues with this version. It also does not seem to add any new features either.

I think eventually and alikes would put and end to bad user interface programs such as MS Money.

Shawn Oster

Glad to see it's not just me... I wrote something very similar a little while back as well. I also took that final step and installed Quicken but sad to say it's not much better (at least for me).


I am experiencing the same slowing issues. Each time I open Money or have it open, my machine boggs down and locks up. Waiting anywhere from 2 minutes to 19 minutes between each transaction and/or switching screens is totally unacceptable. I contacted Microsoft for support, through many frustrating days of emails back and forth, the 'technical' respondent asked for 'permission to close the inquiry as unresolved'.

I thought perhaps my computer was the problem. I loaded the software on my new laptop and found that the same issues occurred. I am convinced now, that it is not my computer, but the software that is the problem.

I have been a loyal Money user since 1999. I am extremly disappointed with this latest version. I wanted to revert to Money 2007, but Microsoft is not backward compatible. To switch back to a previous version, I would have to scrub my current data, load 2007, and then re-enter all of this year's data. Not the most appropriate fix at this time of the year.


Walter Craven

I upgraded to Money Plus H&B in Nov 08. My old data was converted and the program seemed to be working normally. In Jan 09, I ran a cash flow report to get data for sales taxes and found data for Nov and Dec 08 were missing. Data from Jan to Oct 08 was fine. I have been working with customer support via email but have not received corrective action as yet. I loaded the program on my laptop and set up a dummy company and entered invoices and payments. The transactions appear in their registers. Again, no data is picked up for the cash flow report. Data entered in the new version of the program does not get picked up for the Schedule C worksheet or report. I can manually extract the data for sales tax and the schedule C. I hope they can find out what is wrong in the program soon.

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