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September 14, 2007


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Chris Beard

I just logged into my account and I have "Total Internet Plan" still checked at $29.99 a month, but there is a new option for "Total Internet Plan Add-On" for $19.99 per month. Guess I'll be calling customer service and asking what's going on, as it looks like I have to cancel the $29.99 plan and subscribe to the $19.99...

Stephen Skarlatos


I think you are correct, you need to uncheck the $29.99 plan and check the $19.99 to make the change.

Chris Beard

I did the uncheck and recheck for the $19.99 per month for total unlimited data, and then also called Customer Service. This is not an automatic price drop for customers, you have to request it. So Stephen, thanks for getting the word out, I wouldn't have noticed it otherwise. And I would encourage all T-Mobile customers to make the change, as they aren't going to give you $10 a month without you requesting it (which I think is a little chincy). But without me asking they did retro-price it back to the end of my last billing cycle, which was August 24th, so I think a phone call to customer service would be in order for everyone making the switch. Calling Customer Service again reminded me of why I like T-Mobile so much. The rep there was very friendly and helpful and I have always had great response in dealing with them, even if I think it's lame of them to not automatically lower the monthly rate...


When I called to add it to my service for the Wing, I was told that it is a promo they are running until December. So if you switch prices by decmeber you have that price for the remainder of you time with T-Mobile.

Kacey Green

Man! Thanks for this tidbit, it was very useful, I'm going to tell my readers on my next blog posting.

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