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September 12, 2007


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Chris Carlin

One of the things I find interesting about your blog is your perspective, and this is an example of why.

The expectations you have for your electronic devices are shaped by your experience with the Windows environment, so the "Apple way" seems a little uncomfortable to you.

This isn't a "drink the Kool-aid" type of thing, but just a difference in subjective philosophy. Users of the two environments simply place their value differently.

For Apple to invite the sort of developer community that has grown around WinCE would not fit with the goals of their environment, and would disappoint their target customers just as you're disappointed here.

Of course the "battle ground" (though it's really not a battle) is among the average Joe who's not necessarily used to either environment. I believe Apple's approach serves these people very well.

Oh, and I don't think you appreciate the threat to Exchange and RIM. By focusing on standards Apple is setting itself up to undermine those systems, though that direction is still in early stages of development.

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