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August 29, 2007


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Rudi Pittman

I logged into my tmobile account and looked at upgradable phones and don't see it new customers only?

Stephen Skarlatos

Maybe it is not available as an upgrade, but I would call Customer Service to make sure.

Rudi Pittman

Only for folks adding a line of service..and since I have a grandfathered plan would cause the standard pat answer that they "might" add the mda as an upgrade phone next week. I asked them what sense it made to only allow new customers to buy a phone they were discontinuing in favor of the wing.

Stephen Skarlatos

That is too bad, you would think they would try to accomodate long time customers...


T-Mobile provided a better offer to this one. Call their business line and give them the code WINDOWS MOBILE and the T-Mobile WING is given for 49.99 after mail in rebate. contract is only ONE YEAR and you can take any plan you want.

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