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August 16, 2007


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Chris Carlin

I did a similar thing at my house, but am having trouble with certain traffic. In particular native IPv6 from one router never makes it through the second one, but I'm not sure where along the way it gets lost.

Do you, by chance, do any ip6 over this connection? I'd be interested if it works for you.

Stephen Skarlatos

I have not tried IPv6 yet.


I have the exact same setup except my 2 WRT54G-TM0 are connected to a Verizon FIOS Actiontec router. A few questions if you have the time.

1) Did you switch your t409 phone to AP Mode to get seemless wireless coverage? If so do you loose the power savings ability the WRT54G-TMO provides for your phone (Main reason for the TMO product)?

2) I tried a small variation on your setup: Left the DHCP enabled and used the WAN port of the WRT54G-TMO to connect to the main router. The other difference if I set Configuration to "BOTH" instead of "LAN & Wireless". I thought this would prevent the need to create a static local address and leave all 4 WRT54G-TMO ports open. However this seems to cause the router to be unaccessiable. Do you know the problem with this approach?

3) Lastly has anyone been able to connect there tmobile hotspot phone directly to the Verizon FIOS actiontec router. I have had a lot of tech support without resolution. I turned off all security and firewalls. The phone draws an IP address on the router but the phone returns with an error W6000.2. tmobile best guess is that my Verizon ISP is blocking IPSEC. However this seems unlikely since all my Access Points (WRT54G-TMO, WAP-4400N) connected to the Actiontec work perfectly with the t409 phone.

Stephen Skarlatos

Sorry for the delay. Here are some answers.

1.Yes and no you do not loose the power saving functionality, although roaming between APs does use more power.
2. I am not certain, but I think it has to do with the internal packet routing between the WAN and LAN.
3. Since I removed the ActionTech from my network, I have not tried it.


its not working with your actiontec because of the wireless chipset in it. perhaps its not fully 802.11 complient, not sure really, but its definitely something to do with the wireless chipset. thats why it works when you connect it through another router.

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