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July 02, 2007


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Hi Stephen,
Do you know if a soft reset would revert my page pool size to 12MB? I don't use the voice command capability so I decided to move it out of start up. I did a soft reset after doing that and the RAM seems to leak a bit faster. Or it could be removing voice command doesn't buy any RAM back anyway and I am now hyper sensative to watching the RAM slowly go down.

Stephen Skarlatos

No, a soft reset will not revert the page pool size back to 12MB, the hex editing process hard coded the page pool size in the OS.

I also had taken out the voice command .lnk but it did not seem to reduce memory usage so I put it back. I am teaching myself how to use it with my BT headset. It works quite well. Here is a link to some tutorials from MS which are very useful

I start the day with about 10MB free and by the end of the day (with nothing active in HTC Task Manager) I am at about 7MB. At 7MB I can run the camera or SlingPlayer without any problem.


Thanks. I must say, you have helped me out quite a bit. I appreciate you being willing to walk me through many of these tweaks. I have about 10MB free at start and it is about 7MB by the end of the day. I have good mobile messaging to get corporate e-mail over the air and I think that program uses up alot of RAM. When I exit that program my RAM jumps up all the way to about 16.5MB. Looks like it is quite a RAM hog. I will check out those tutorials you mention.

Stephen Skarlatos

Thanks for the comments, it makes my blogging much more interesting.

I am assuming you are talking about ActiveSync and Exchange? ActiveSync seems to be quite a memory hog. When you try to terminate it, it does not release all of the memory it has used. This memory leak forces us into periodically rebooting.


Good mobile messaging ( relates to the exchange, but I don't think it is integrated with ActiveSync Pocket Outlook. It works off of it's own database, and uses it's own applications on my mobile phone (Email, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts). It limits my options with using SBSH PB. Currently I use SBSH for managing my tasks only. There are requests in the SBSH forum to have the ability for PB to recognize data in the Good apps/database, but nothing is available yet. On a different topic, I am not using MyFaves. Do you know the right way to dump anything related to MyFaves on the Wing? Also, did you remove the IM and Java Applications that came with the phone?

Stephen Skarlatos

You should be able to remove all the my5* and myfaves* files under \windows, as well as the my5msgcenter.lnk under \windows\startup. I would move them to your storage card temporarely to make sure there is no ill affect.

I removed all the T-Mobile apps including the IM. I use MSN messenger when I need IM. I have not use the JAVA runtime, but it is part of the ROM and cannot easily be removed.


So you removed HotSpot Login and Winwap Tech Oy t-zones?

Stephen Skarlatos


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