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July 05, 2007


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I just spoke to T-Mobile. Apparently since I just extended my contract a few weeks ago to get the Wing I'm not eligible for another contract extension, so both phones would be $169 and then the router for $50 minus the $50 rebate. I place a lot of international calls at home, so I had hoped that they would have better rates on international calls through WiFi, however they told me international rates are the same as if I were making calls through normal GSM service, so unfortunately the service isn't interesting to me, since the $169 would blow any potential savings in national calls... I did, however, request for WiFi support for the Wing and the rep said they have been getting a lot of inquiries for that, but she said T-Mobile's plan is to issue new Wings with Wifi@home support, not just a software/ROM upgrade. I find that hard to believe, but didn't want to get into a discussion over that. So I guess I'll just wait and see...

Stephen Skarlatos

Yes, unfortunately the service only provides free US calls. The best bet for free European calls seems to be Vonage which allows unlimited calls to a select set of European countries.

I am investigating the HotSpot@home upgrade, it does look like the Wing has the appropriate TI chipset so all that would be needed is a radio stack upgrade.


If the wing has the right chipset does that mean the MDA vario (HTC Wizard) would also be eligible for a radio stack upgrade for uma?

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