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July 17, 2007


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pedro flores

what about at digital copy,if i download to itune do you think i can play it on my wing

Stephen Skarlatos

The digital copy has to be DRM free (no copy protection). iTunes now sells both types of files. The Wing or any Windows Mobile device does not have any software to decode the copy protected files, so you can only copy the DRM free ones. The DRM free tracks are known as iTunes Plus.

How do you know the difference, the copy protected iTunes files suffix is .m4p while DRM free ones is .m4a.


Has anyone tried iTunes Agent?
Free release under a GPL
Only a Windoze version though...

"Most mass storage devices should be supported. The only criteria for iTunes Agent to be able to synchronize your device is that it is mapped to a drive letter under "My Computer" in Windows."

Phil Pense

Just seeing this article in December of 2010. Have there been any competing solutions since 2007. Guidance sought

Stephen Skarlatos

There is an application called MusicBridge which syncs iTunes to WMP, you can then use WMP to sync to Windows Mobile. I tried it a while back with no success, I since just moved on to an iPhone.

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