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July 03, 2007


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I wouldn't mind your schedule today... :)

Like the layout too! I may have to look at PocketBreeze.

Stephen Skarlatos

I actually had meetings at the Verizon USA East Internet NOC today (former MCI/UUNET). It is a very impressive facility.

On PocketBreeze, here is an old review I did In version 5.2 they have fixed 99% of the issues I had. One really nice feature is the ability to use Pocket Informant templates for appointments and tasks directly from PB. This is extremely helpful when you have meetings that recur but are not on a set schedule. You can also create templates with variables that can include contact info which is selected at the time of execution.


I am using SPB mobile shell and SPB phone suite as a test. Since installing mobile shell I notice that certain text messages lock the phone. Primarily ones from my wife and daughter(bad thing). Besides the lock, the message never makes it to the phone. Both of the senders are Verizon both have same make phone and both are in my favorites. I can text them but it locks on the reply. They also can't initiate with My Wing. I am going to make a 611 call on the way home but thought I would post this too. Anyone else seeing this?


611 resulted in a request to Hard Boot the phone. I am not really convinced. I will watch here for a while and do some more testing.

Stephen Skarlatos

It does sound like your text message database got corrupted. Unfotunately, the only way I know of fixing a corrupt text messaging db is a hard reset.

You could backup your device, perform a hard reset, test the text messaging and restore everything but the messaging databases.

Randy N

I have the T-Mobile Wing and have just started to play with the tweaks that you have mentioned! Thanks so much...

I installed the SPBMobile Shell and now want my Today screen to be the Now screen. Do you know if this is possible to tweak?

Thanks again for all your great insights!
Randy N

Stephen Skarlatos

The Now screen is designed to display on power on and I don't believe you can replace the Today screen with it.

It is meant to display at power on, you then press close to move to the Today screen or click on an icon to move to mail, phone, weather, or calendar applications.

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