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July 31, 2007


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Rudi Pittman

You could have gone to (a free service) and gotten a phone # that would send voicemails and fax's to your email account. There are other services which also provide free fax to email.

Stephen Skarlatos

The problem with those services is that you are stuck with the area code they give you ( 206 - Seattle). For my business I need a local fax number. It would be a great solution if I lived in Seattle.

If you don't care about the phone number, there is no doubt that these services are great.


i got this and it worked great. but then i had comcast switch my phone over to all digital and it stopped working for my fax. i called the makers of comswitch and they had no fix for me. now i have a paper weight.

internet fax services

I don't think "" is a good choice. "ComSwitch 3.0" is way better then K7.

fax online

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