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July 26, 2007

APC Powerchute software and RS1300LCD UPS

After I installed my new APC RS1300LCD UPS (see post) I found out that the Powerchute Business edition monitoring software I was using is not compatible with the RS1300LCD UPS,  you have to use Powerchute Personal edition (unless you use a hack). It seems APC has decided to distinguish their workstation UPS' from their server UPS'. I can understand that the server UPS' should provide more data and configuration option, however the Business edition software should work with both segments of the market.

The feature I wanted to continue using from Powerchute Business edition was the ability to email me UPS events. Windows Vista has the ability to trigger tasks based on log events. These tasks can include an email trigger. Rather than fiddle with the Business edition hack I decided to use this route and I currently have identified 3 UPS events.

  • Self Test passed - event id - 61452
  • Battery backup transferred to battery due to a blackout - event id 174
  • Battery backup transferred to AC utility power - event id 61455

The tasks are easily created using the start (right click on computer) manage Computer Management plug in. The log events can be found in Event Viewer/Windows Logs/Application. You can easily create the task by right clicking on the event or by manually creating task in the Computer Management Console under System tools/Task Scheduler/Task Scheduler Library/Event Viewer Tasks.

Since the email trigger requires an SMTP relay server, I use 1st SMTP Server which works well although I would love to run it as a service. In order to catch all the events to decide what I want to keep, I also created a catch all tasks with APC UPS Service as the event source, so I can decide if I want to track other UPS events.

Update 7/29/07, new events:

  • PowerChute not communicating with the battery backup - event id - 61456
  • PowerChute recommenced communicating with the battery backup - event id - 61465

I am not sure why these events where generated since the environment seems to be running fine.


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