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June 15, 2007


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This is great info, thanks for the update! This has been an eyesore for me since purchase, since I also don't need it using SPB Diary, Pocket Plus and Phone. Now if I could just figure out how to turn off the jingle at boot-up... Had a flight attendant yell at me yesterday while booting up while still in the air because she heard it...


Thanks for posting your blog. I just got my wing and have picked up a lot of tips from your informations. I have a question regarding editing the registry. Which file is the registry in? I'm trying to edit my wing similar to your setting in Day 10 of your blog, but I couldn't find where to edit with Total Commander. Thanks

Stephen Skarlatos

The registry is part of the operating system and not a file. You need a special program to edit it. There are two that I use; Total Commander found here: or PHM's RegEdit found here: .

Since Total Commander is a full fledge file explorer the registry is found under the \\ directory. RegEdit on the other hand is a dedicated registry editor and is easier to use. For beginners I would suggest using RegEdit.

Remember editing the registry can be dangerous so be careful. As always you do it at your own risk.

Robert Cross

Hey I did the thing where the task bar goes away,that ROCKED... But I want the lock to come back like you did... HOw did you do that... THnaks in advance...

Stephen Skarlatos

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your comments. See the comments on this post to add the device lock plug in.



I HATE that sound too!

I've been fiddling around in the registry and figured out how to get rid of it:

It points to the startup wav file, I just deleted the value and voila'! Soft reset, no annoying sound effect.

One could also use this to point to a sound of their choice to, I would imagine...

Stephen Skarlatos

Ryan, here is my post on the subject


My wing has no outside audio, tmobile cant figure it out and will not replace it, anyone know anything?

Stephen Skarlatos

Hi Maria,

Have you tried a hard reset (start/settings/system clear storage)?


im looking for a sweet home screen application for my wing. ive heard there are some out there like the iphone. anyone know where i can find something like that?


hi stephen
i tried getting rid of the start up sound
using resco explorer trial version
but theres no HKLM file in it
how do you get to that file

Stephen Skarlatos


The setting is in the registry(see my post I have never used Resco Explorer so I am not sure what the function to edit the registry is. You could use ToTal Commander found here: and it is free. The registry is under //Plugins.


Nice man. Been looking for months how to get rid of the tray. Thank you.

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