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June 01, 2007


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Alex Johnson

hey, did overclocking your Wing make it faster from portrait to landscape? thats the only thing that bothers me. Also does it make a huge difference when you run programs from your MicroSD card? I was thinking of freeing up some space on my wing, you think its worth it?

I like your page, been reading it since the day you got your wing. : )

Stephen Skarlatos

No difference on the orientation switch 2 seconds with or without. It also not affect program load times, it just helps execution speed.


OK. I've started my journey on making some these suggested edits. BTW, thanks for such a fast response on my previous post. I down loaded the right Total Commander file after your response. It works!! Now for some stupid questions. I've edited the cache size to your recommendation, and also changed location for Temporary Internet files to my storage card. Can I go ahead and delete the content in the Temporary Internet Files on the program memory as well as the directory itself? Also, related to your response on over clocking. There are three zip files in that link you provided. Do I download the BatteryStatus-plugin only and directly to the phone? What are the main risks to over clocking anyway? Is it useful life of the processor, or something else? Thanks - Wayne

Stephen Skarlatos

Yes, you can delete the contents on temporary internet directory in storage memory, however I would not delete the directory just in case some application tries to use it.

The version of battery status I am using is the beta 1.04. It is working like a champ and only 133Kb.

Overclocking is a very big subject. I will do my best to give you my 2 cents. As you increase clock speed the processor generates more heat and in the end heat destroys processors. So manufacturers provide what they consider a safe clock speed (lifespan vs productivity). For the OMAP 850 TI has said 201MHZ is safe, however that does not mean you can't run it safely at higher speeds. That said, the processor will be generating more heat and its life span will be reduced. By how much nobody knows and TI won't say. In the end you are taking the risk since overclocking will void the warranty. However evidence on the forums and the overclocking of my MDA led me to take the position that the risk was worth the reward. But the decision is for each one of us to make.

That said I am very impressed with the BatteryStatus overclocking because it does so intelligently, when the unit is suspended is reduces it back to normal, saving both battery and processor.


Hi Stephen,
Thanks for your help so far. I am slowly making progress. I now have the BatteryStatus plug-in, and am overclocking to 247MHz. There are many different settings with the utility that I have yet to explore. I will look through your blog to see if you have any recommendations. I'll also be interested to hear how the page pool works for you. I'm not sure if I dare make an change like that, but would be interested to hear how it is working for you. Thanks again.


Okay, so I just got my wing, anyone know any other sites where i can have mods to my WING to make it faster also? Or any programs i can delete?

Stephen Skarlatos

Please see all the posts regarding the Wing in the T-Mobile Wing category using this link


this may be a stupid question, but is there a way to make the service light blink irregularly if there is a missed call or unread message?

Stephen Skarlatos

By the service light I am assuming the green blinking LED. If that is what you are referring to, then you can set it to blink yellow when a message arrives. The setting can be found under start/settings/personal sounds & notifications, notification tab. Select the event you want from the drop down box. check the "Flash Light For" check box and you can select the time frame you want the light to blink for from the drop down box. I have mine set at "no limit".

Once you view the event, the LED will go back to green.

Hope this answers your query.

Jeff M

Nice site but this is a tuffy... Got the tmobile wing, Attempt to use activesync and it tells me. critical communications services have failed to start. etc etc...
I have reset it, uninstalled all of my firewalls, tried different wires, different usb plugs, microsoft forums, the activesync troubleshooter. Any thoughts? Still have yet to get it to sync anything at all.

Stephen Skarlatos

Hi Jeff,

It sounds like a memory problem. I would try doing a soft reset before attempting to Sync. If that does not work, I would try it with another PC. As a last resort I would perform a total system reset using the clear storage program under programs/settings/systems.

Hope this helps, let me know if you had any luck.

Jeff Again

Hey I was wondering, is there an add/remove programs to where I can safely uninstall some unneeded software from my wing?

Stephen Skarlatos

yes, under programs/settings remove programs. I removed all of the base T-Mobile applications that were listed.


Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction on how to correctly edit the registry?

I used total commander to try and edit the reg to find the ringtones on my mem card...HKCU\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\Ring\Directory = "\Storage Card\ringtones"
(REG_SZ string, no quotes)

It's not workin'...totally a newbie...totally frustrated..can't figure out what i'm doing wrong.

Any help would be awesome!


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