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June 27, 2007


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I have a suspicion that the offending application is the newer version of ActiveSync. I am experiencing similar situations and have to reboot every other day. The only active applications I have running daily are ActiveSync, Messaging, SPB Diary, SPB Pocket Plus, SPB Phone Suite, SPB Brain Evolution and Fizz Weather. Since I didn't have any problems with these versions on my MDA I assume it has to do with whatever changed on the Wing / WM6. So without any scientific knowledge or reasoning I just have a feeling it's ActiveSync. Maybe it's something to be researched. It's not a fatal flaw on the Wing, but I have noticed that after 3 days at the most I stop getting email on my Wing, which I attribute to memory issues.

Stephen Skarlatos

Funny you say that about ActiveSync, I have thought the same. It is the only application that is always active...


after installing, how do you remove/un-install it? I t doesn't show up in Remove Program. Thanks.

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