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June 20, 2007


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I was wondering how you are doing with remaining memory. I seem to be a lot lower than I thought I would be. When you say "In the WIngs" what do you mean. Thanks

Stephen Skarlatos

I have two issues with memory. Running the camera and SlingPlayer (I have to reboot), otherwise I don't seem to have issues with the rest of my software. Although I don't use those two often, it is a pain to reboot. It is not perfect, but works.

There are discussions on xda-developers about the page pool size of 12MB HTC and T-Mobile used for the Wing. Paul from MODACO has a guide to changing it to 4MB or 8MB. .

It is a risky procedure, but this is enough of an annoyance that I may try it.

In the Wings, means that I need to or want to try the software. With the T-Mobile Wing, your questions makes me think that I should change that heading for clarity.


I use mine more for communications. IM and Email and phone, I am using emoze. I think it it big and on device and my gps software has to be on the device for proper use of the bluetooth com port. i get a message quite regularly about being out of memory.

I agree about the naming of "In the Wings" but the rest is awesome. There are not many Wing Sites yet, and this one rocks.

Sorry i missed you at TechEd. It would have been great to chat. I spent alot of time in the Windows Mobile Area. But even more in the Server side. I am a Senior Systems Engineer.

I will be around. trying to get blogging working next.


More Questions. Best way to learn

Did you remove all of the t-mobile apps. The looks of yur list is yes. But making sure I am not assuming anything.

For email are you using more than one mail system? Do you use exchange direct push?

DO use any IM's

Thanks. Tring to get a handle on how and what I can do.

Stephen Skarlatos

Thanks you comments, I appreciate the feedback. It is too bad we missed each other at TechEd, maybe at a future MS conference.

Yes, I did remove all of the pre loaded T-Mobile apps that showed up on "remove programs".

I use Exchange Direct push with I forward all my various email addresses to They should have Exchange 07 up this summer which will greatly improve the experience with html mail.

I use Messenger. You can email me @ steve (at) I can email my messenger id.

If I have time this weekend, I think I will move ahead and change the page pool.


let me know how the page pool goes i am readind and thinking about it now. I have been looking for registry shanges to move stuff to storage cards found Ringtones and decided to ditch notes for a better app. either onenote or one of the tools you are using. PhatPad and the product from webis.

emailed emoze for help on moving to storage card. found a 16M log on the device that is a real pain. i will let you know how that goes. My post email is also my msn. I will email you later with the other info.


Stephen Skarlatos

All I can say, WOW what a difference. I went with a 6MB page pool (middle of the road), I now have about 11-13MB free vs 3-5MB free. Right now things seem to be running much smoother.

Now to see how it does over a 24 hour period.


Sounds like i will try too then. what did you use for a hex editor. I did not see a reference in the article

Stephen Skarlatos

I used HxD ( was Paul's suggestion in his article. It worked great on Vista.

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