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June 08, 2007


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Hi, I just found your blog while searching for registry hacks for the Wing. Great details here; thanks for the compatibility lists and everything. I'll be getting my Wing in a few weeks (waiting for my Sprint contract to conclude).



Is there any benefit of using SunnySoft's Backup Manager over SPB Backup. I am looking to buy one for the new Wing. I like both. The price is about the same. So I need something to drag me one way or the other. Any Thoughts or Comments?

Stephen Skarlatos

I am not very familiar with Spb Backup. I use Sprite for a long time, but it got to bloated and when I found Sunnysoft's Backup Manager, it had all the basic features I wanted with a much smaller footprint. I also really like the scheduling mechanism, which now is proving extremely helpful.

Spb builds good products, so it comes down to which one has the best features for you. Sorry I am not much help...


Thanks. I may just have to try both and see.

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