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May 22, 2007


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I have a question about your FiOS internet, since you're using your D-Link DFL-210 router, were you able to set up a web server behind it?

People, like me, are having problems setting up a web server behind Actiontec.

Appreciate your time.

Stephen Skarlatos

I have no problems using port forwarding to a Web server or my slingbox behind the DFL-210. You should be able configure the Actiontec firewall to forward packets to your web server.

Vincent Lin

I really enjoy your "digital life" blog. I have a question - I currently use Vonage VoIP over CableVision and I am getting the FIOS in a week, do you have idea that Vonage can work over FIOS?


Stephen Skarlatos

Thanks for the comment. There is no issue using Vonage with FIOS. The only item you need to consider is based on the Vonage box you have.

If you have a Vonage router you can choose to replace the Verizon supplied router with the Vonage router or you can place the Vonage router behind the Verizon router. If you choose to replace the Verizon router you must configure the Vonage router to clone the MAC address and use the Verizon router's MAC address. This MAC address is what FIOS uses to authenticate your connection.

If you have a Vonage phone adapter w/o router you just need to plug it into the Verizon router.


If you dont use our new actiontech routers or dlink(older verizon) and you have our video service you wont beable to have the time on your STB (set top box) and your guide won't work. if you have any questions about anything feel free to email me [email protected]

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