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May 22, 2007


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Andrew Jones

I got the Wing myself today - unfortunatly I cannot get the Windows Mobile Device Center to connect to sits and thinks for awhile, then says, "error". Post here if you get it working!! (btw - I tried both the installer on the disc included with the wing, and I also tried the downloadable version from for vista 32bit)

Stephen Skarlatos

I have not had any problems with the Mobile Device Center (WMC) version 6.0.6783. I have been using it with my MDA and yesterday I created a BT partnership with my Wing and my Lenovo X60. WMC found and installed the appropriate drivers for the Wing (even a blue PDA icon) and it works well. I never even had to use a cable. I used the download version of WMC. They do mention that you have to must manually remove any previous version of WMC.

I would uninstall WMC, download WMC from MS, reinstall and try creating a new partnership for Wing. The other thing you may want to try is turning off User Access Control (UAC) while you are installing and creating a partnership with the Wing.

Let me know how things work out.


I got the Wing today and I couldn't get it to sync w/ either vista or xp, also received an error. After speaking w/ 3 reps (who were all very cool and nice,) it ended up being a setting I had to check. I also tried everything above.

The setting was:
Start>Settings> Connections> USB to PC>

then check mark the box and "ok."

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