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May 25, 2007


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Just curious, what is the "3G" and is it something that I should wait for...since my MDA is 1 year old...and I was thinking about replacing it with the Wing....can you give me some input on the "3G" please?

Thanks so much!

Efrain Rios

Hi. Im interest in your MDA if u want to sell it.
Please contact me. [email protected]

Stephen Skarlatos


From a user perspective, 3G will offer you faster data download and upload speeds comparable to DSL broadband for your home. So if you do a lot of browsing and file downloads from your MDA you may want to wait for 3G. However T-Mobile has not given any firm dates on deployment and it will only be available in large metropolitans areas at first.

Here is the wikipedia definition for 3G;

Stephen Skarlatos

Hi Efrain,

I already place it on eBay here:

Alex Johnson

hey, I was wondering how you overclocked the wing to 240mhz? did that make it a lot faster? what are the effects? thanks

Stephen Skarlatos

Overclocking at 240MHZ with OmaClock speeds up the execution of programs noticeably. See post I had no issues with my MDA and I don't seem to be having any issue on the Wing. However as always you overclock at your own risk.


How did you remove Windows live and install it to the memory card? I would like to do the same but I've not found out how to uninstall the preinstalled windows live ....Thanks in advance for any additional info you could provide

Stephen Skarlatos

To remove WLS, just go to start/settings/system remove programs, then remove "Microsoft Live Search". When you install the new version check the storage card option then tap install.

Another option is to use Pocket IE, go to, download the cab directly to the device, tap yes. When WLS downloaded, it will ask you if you want to remove the old version, then it will present you with the install screen where you can choose storage card and tap install.

Taylor P.

They have just updated Live search with an increase in Cache Size to 128mb. The new version is 2.0.2739.29907 and it also added a "Movies" options

Taylor P.

Also, Did you ever find a solution to the press & hold for vibrate?

Sorry to double post, but I forgot to ask...

Stephen Skarlatos

Thanks for the WLS update, I installed it and posted here

I have not yet found a solution for the press & hold vibrate. There is a program on xda-developers that I thought would do the trick but it does not seem to work on WM6.


Hi, I would like to know how to completely uninstall the pre-installed msn live search on my t-mobile wing. I did uninstall it (or at least try to) by going to start/settings/system remove programs, then remove "Microsoft Live Search." However, when I checked the program folder it was still there along with msn messenger. Is there any way to completely get it off the wing? Thank you. :]


I'm sorry, but I also forgot to add something. >_<
I use verizon msn. Since I'm using it is there a way for me to use window live search along with msn messenger without being charged? When I added my email (verizon msn/hotmail account) in the messaging folder, my mails didn't show up or anything. Is that normal or is it just because they need me to sign into window live for msn mail to work?

Stephen Skarlatos

Microsoft Windows Live Search is a different application then Windows Live (new MSN app). The naming is confusing, Windows Live Search is a search and mapping application, while Windows Live provides access to Messenger, Live email and Live search functionality.

Windows Live Search is a separate application which can be uninstalled, however Windows Live is part of the Operating System and cannot be uninstalled. That is why you still see messenger, it is part of Windows Live, not Windows Live Search.

On the email front, I believe you have to have a Windows Live email account which is Hotmail's new email system. You have to migrate to the new system to view your email using the Windows Mobile 6 messaging application.

To confuse things even more, Microsoft has a Windows Live web site which can be accessed via Pocket Internet Explorer. This gives you access to all the Live and MSN applications (you will probably be able to see your email using this web site).

Hope this helps with Microsoft's confusing naming strategy...


You're a life saver. Thank you for the easy to understand explanation.


how do i uninstall Windows live permanantly from my windows mobile 6 smartphone? I can't stand this annoying software


hi i was wondering are there any websites to download apps and skins for the wing?


i have inquired about this site a few times for information before getting my wing.. i uninstalled the windows live and reinstalled it with it being saved to my menmory card.. however i still have no room for memory on the phone.. i cant even access the camera to take a picture. i have the 2g memory card aswell. some one please please help.. help me free some space..

Stephen Skarlatos

You need to change the Page Pool, T-Mobile has a default of 12MB which is terrible. I changed mine to 6MB. Here is my post on the subject There is a tool you can use to change the Page Pool, it can be found here

As with any modification to the ROM, read the posts very carefully since it could brick your device.


I have a T-Mobile Wing but I have not had much time to investigate it. one of the things I did was to install Windows Live Search, however, Live search cannot locate the phone, so it becomes useless when you are traveling and just looking for places near you, or worse, you dont know where the heck you are, and are trying to figure out just how lost you are. In talking to T-mobile they told me that Live Search should be able to find the phone using cell triangulation which apparently is just a little less accurate than GPS.
I cannot find anyway in either the phone or in Live Search to get this triangulation feature to work. Did I get BS'd by the T-mobile support person? Does anyone know how to get Live Search to locate the Wing?

many thanks in advance.

Stephen Skarlatos

Windows Live Search can only use a GPS to locate you position. Some phones like the AT&T Tilt have an internal GPS chip. The Tilt has Assisted GPS which uses cell tower triangulation to speed up the process of localizing your position.

Unfortunately, the Wing does not have an internal GPS and without it Windows Live Search cannot find your location. The solution is to use an external Bluetooth GPS unit with the Wing. I have a Transystems iBlue 737 Bluetooth GPS which works very well with the Wing and Windows Live Search.


Does this phone work with Verizon? I am getting a T-mobile wing for free but cant find decent info about whether or not Verizon service works on it. please help.

Stephen Skarlatos

Verizon has a CDMA based network and T-Mobile has a GSM based network. This means that the Wing will not work on Verizon network.

You can thank the FCC for the US cellular network mess. At least they forced TV broadcaster to use one HD standard...


ok my camera on my wing is not working. i pushed the button that didnt work and i even went into the programs and touch the camera icon. that didnt work either. and last i even when into my pictures folder and the camera icon is missing. how do i get access to my camera? is there file missing or so? and if that is the case where can i find another spare file to get the camera running again?

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