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May 29, 2007


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I've been satisfied with my new Wing, as well. I already had to do a hard reset, as I couldn't free up enough program memory to install my iGuidance nav software, I kept getting memory errors, even when installing on to the microSD card. So I did a hard reset and installed everything except SPB Pocket Plus on to the memory card. That was enough to do it for me. I am noticing much better signal strength, which is good, since I used to not be able to telephone inside my house. At first I thought the battery was going faster, but then I realized one thing: on my MDA it would display at 100% for a long time, and then from 60% on down it would deplete very quickly. This seems more of a gradual depletion (or at least reporting of true battery capacity), as it will go down more evenly and slowly down to 20%, which I usually let it get to before recharging.
The screen also seems brighter to me. Overall I am very happy with this and my original apprehension in purchasing only a marginal upgrade was unwarranted. I think WM 6.0 has helped performance, too, as the Wing has the same CPU as the MDA.

Michael Ferreira

I got my sling player working on my wing. It's a DLL file update if you want me to send you the file or put it on one of my servers let me know Mike at mik3 dot tv

all the less nice review of the wing.

first time viewer will keep tabs from now on.

Stephen Skarlatos

Thanks for the comment and great find. Sling Media accepted me into the beta and I will be trying sometime today.

Stephen Skarlatos

Chris, how do you like iGuidance?

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