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May 21, 2007


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I'll be interested to hear about your experience with the Wing. My MDA is a little over a year old and is really showing its wear. The back battery cover slips off, for example, and the other surfaces are nicked up pretty good in some places, not to mention the stylus won't stay in the hole because of the constant in and out (I tried a new stylus, it's the hole). Currently I'm debating either extending my contract (does it matter if you extend within a certain time frame or can you extend any time within your current contract?) or just biting the bullet and paying the cancellation charges and switching to Cingular and getting the 8525 and being able to utilize 3G service where I live. I had hoped T-Mobile would be further along with this service and I find the lack of information coming from them troubling, especially since I really like the company and would want to stay with them. But I also don't want to watch technology pass us by....

Stephen Skarlatos

I confirmed with my T-Mobile store, they will have them for sale tomorrow. My MDA is getting worn as well. I have been lucky the stylus stays in place, but I pretty much operate the device one handed so I only use the stylus to write now and then.

It is a shame that T-MObile has been so tight lipped about their 3G deployment, however I have heard rumors to expect a new device 3G Windows Mobile device in the August/September time frame and the network by year's end. Who knows...

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