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May 09, 2007


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Predrag Todic

My friend had the same problem with Vista stopping at crcdisk.sys on a X60. I couldnt do anything and the solution to the problem was to download the latest BIOS for X60 (in CD image format) and after flashing everything went back to normal! Not only bios upgraded but Vista also and now everything works.
IBM and Microsoft should publish this as I see that it is a widespread problem and they are usually telling to the customers to format and reinstall everything or replace hard drive which is outrageous.

Stephen Skarlatos

Thank you for your comment. Do you know what the version of the BIOS you used? I want to make sure I am running the same.

Predrag Todic

Version: 7BETD0WW (2.11)
Release Date: 2007/06/04

Stephen Skarlatos

Thank you, I am still running 1.08. You would think that Lenovo's automatic System Update process would have the update but as of today it does not. I will update manually.

partition hard drive

Thank you I was looking for this info everywhere and you helped us fix our issue.

used computers

i was having same issue thanks for sharing the experience.

refurbished computers

Their practices remind me of Microsoft, to be honest. For some reason, however, they've got a large portion of the geek community on their side. Personally, I think the wool has been pulled over the eyes of these people. The only people Apple care about are their shareholders and they would give their eyeteeth to swap places with Microsoft at the top of the monkey tree.

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