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March 12, 2007


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Per your recommendation I also purchased the iBlue 737 GPS receiver a week ago (primarily because the price was great and Amazon was running out of stock). Since then I have been looking for a decent turn-by-turn navigation software for the MDA and wondered if you had any experience with one. I tried out smart2go, but found the upgrade price a little outrageous for a beta product that also crashed on me 3 times while using the free mapping functionality. Microsoft Live is great for ordinary mapping and the GPS integration is great (the UI is a little clunky with having to close multiple windows when selecting a location and then mapping), but otherwise it's a great product. But again, it's lacking turn-by-turn real time navigation functionality. Just wondered if you had any experience worth noting.

Stephen Skarlatos

Hi Chris,

This is something I have been struggling with as well. When I got my first wired Pharos GPS receiver for my XDA, I got a bundle which included the Pharos Ostia navigation software. However I can't recommend it. I have upgraded twice but I have given up. Although it has worked for me, it is not an intuitive piece of software and the maps are just ok. From all my research I have been leaning towards Tom Tom, but the MDA is slightly underpowered to run even with overclocking. So I am waiting for T-Mobile's forthcoming MDA replacement to take the plunge I am hearing April/May although nobody is saying which HTC product they have chosen.

I am trying to get a trial of the Nokia software to review how well it works. You are right charging for a beta is pretty bad.

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