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December 15, 2006


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I enjoyed reading your blog. I have a question about SBA 2006 and Tablet PCs. I have an x41 and cannot get SBA2006 to run. The MSDE service will not run. Interestingly, when I install SB2006 on a Virual PC image (XP Pro) everthing works fine. I prefer to use XP Pro native install. Any ideas or suggestions.

I am going to install Office 12 - after I get SBA2006 working.

Thanks in advance


Thanks for your comment, sorry for the delay in responding. I use SQL Server on a different XP workstation and run SBA 2006 in Multi User mode on my X41 Tablet. I had no issues with the installation other than adjusting some settings for my network workgroup since I do not have an Active Directory domain setup.

I would suggest installing SQL Server 2005 express independently (you can download it from here, making sure the service starts and then installing SBA 2006. Hopefully that should get you going. The integration with Office 2007 is great. SBA 2007, when it is released should offer even more integration.

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