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December 04, 2006


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Thanks for the great tip to Diskeeper. Last year I switched from a 3-year-old T40 to an X41. Disk read speed has been an issue for me from the beginning, sometimes 30 seconds or more before getting prompted to swipe my finger (using fingerprint reader instead of entering password) and then another 30 seconds or so to get to my desktop, which seems like an eternity. And that with Windows telling me my disk is already defragmented... Running Diskeeper now, hoping it clears up those issues.
Now if I could just have a better graphics card to get 1280x1024 resolution to fit more on this nice small screen... ;)
So how often do you get, "Oh my GOD! Your computer's tiny!"?

Stephen Skarlatos

Make sure you run the boot time defragment, this will clean up you Master File Table (MFT). Mine was in two fragments which slows down file access considerably.

I had the same symptoms as you and now although not instantenous it is much better. The latest set of Lenovo drivers seem to help as well. I find the fingerprint reader to be more responsive. Although it may just be me learning that I have to pass my finger straight and slow over the reader.

Yes, I do get the comment about the size of the X41, especially when I sitting at table with other laptops.


Wow, I guess I spoke too soon about Diskeeper. Spent the past 2 days piecing everything back together, thought I was going to have to do a re-core... I did the MFT defrag and there the problems began. Either the data was a mess in the first place or Diskeeper really did some damage. On the next boot after the defrag I got the blue screen before Windows starts and saw all the files it was moving and then deleting. It looked like part of the Diskeeper process... Anyway, when I booted up Symantec Security was disabled, Windows Defender was disabled, my ost file in Outlook had to be rebuilt, my browser settings were lost, VPN connections deleted, Quicken data became corrupt, IM client (Trillian) was deleted etc. And all this happened, of course, while in Toronto on business, with a client presentation the next day. I was able to recover the presentation I had to deliver and then spent all day today running Check Disk, driver updates, Windows updates etc. and then reinstalling apps that were deleted or corrupted. Since I didn't do anything different and since Housecall didn't find any viruses or other malicious files I can only attribute this to Diskeeper. Well, I think I'll uninstall now. Too bad, since the initial performance increases were nice... Thought you'd like to know, in case anyone else has trouble.


Chris - you might want to check out, it not only defragments the MFT, but also all the metadata. I guess it's a matter of preference, but I like PerfectDisk (used to use Diskeeper).

Stephen Skarlatos


I was sorry to hear that Diskeeper 2007 corrupted your file system. I sent an email to your registered email account with a sales contact that I got from a Diskeeper marketing email.

Perfectdisk is a new one for me, I will have to check it out.

Colleen Toumayan

Hi, my name is Colleen Toumayan and I am the VP of Public Relations at
Diskeeper Corporation.

Please contact our exceptional tech support team at
[email protected] to help you.

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