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November 29, 2006


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Aidan Dewey

This is one of the greatest posts of all time. Thank you so much for this EASY solution to the problem!!! I was going bonkers!

Thankful IT guy

Thanks this worked perfectly...Nice work! Appreciate you posting solution

Susy's Q

Thanks! I was flummoxed by this support code until I Googled it and found your fix. All better now. My phone says "Thank-Q"!

Steve Z

This was VERY helpful. It worked perfectly and the microsoft site was NO help.... again ... sadly....


This does not really fix my issue.

In my case, i narrowed down the issue to a few emails i received from my japanese customers. So If i dont sync the emails from the specific folders where i get the japanese emails, everything works great.

All emails from all folders sync properly. The only folder with the japanese emails dont sync... This is important for me though. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.



Thanks this worked perfectly... Very Helpful!



Thanks! also funny thing is this blog only comes up on the top with 86000108 and not with 0x86000108


I tried the fix above but did not have the desired outcome. After long call with ATT and Samsung, I was told it is a Microsoft Server 2003 error when interacting with Windows Mobile.

Here is the link to Microsoft for a hotfix. The hotfix goes on the server, NOT your device.

Michael Blackburn

Nice, this got me going. I installed a certificate from my Exchange website, but that didn't clear this up (as suggested here: and detailed here:

I did that, and it didn't fix the problem. Checking and unchecking email as described in this post did it for me.

NOTE! If you've had this problem for a while (in my case two days), and your contacts/tasks/calendar have changed on your device (but never backed up because you were offline), do NOT check/uncheck those entities (at least at first). It warns you that when you disconnect that item from the exchange server, it will be erased from the device. You will LOSE those changes once you get reconnected (because it will be cleared and replaced with the old info on the Exchange server). Best to check/uncheck EMAIL only to see if this fix "does it."

Now, I didn't get caught by this, because I actually READ the warnings when I unchecked tasks (for a change). But this is not often the case for me, and probably true for most of us in a hurry to get our devices fixed.


Excelent Stoo
Thats the cure for the sickness in the activesync
Tks a lot

Eric Pell

I also find this can happen to calender items. Un-check that as well. - Example of 86000108 fix

Steen, Kræmer Kommunikation

Thanks a lot! So simple and yet so useful and efficient. :o)

Andrew Biggs

I've had the same problem with email (contacts/calendar sync fine). Unfortunately clearing email and trying it again didn't help. This is a total pain... But thanks for the post though -- seems it helped most folks.


Perfect solution. I unchecked Tasks, re-syncd and rechecked tasks. All in now in order. Thanks for the tip. It will be permanently filed in my book of how to fix Microsoft snafus.


I would agree that MS site says about missing certificate on the device- probably the reason be that the certificate was updated on the server and the device still had the old version

However, the proposed solution has one but significant draback: like in :

Unchecked tasks
Tapped ok

after this, the all emails and calendar will be emptied, which is no problem, but contacts will go away as well.. and you will only rely on the copy of the contacts stored at exchange server...

Returned to Menu/Options
Checked tasks
Tapped ok
Tapped Sync

Nifty Styles

Many thanks - a far quicker and simpler solution than the Microsoft KB advice !!

Carol Weaver

Thanks solved my problem this morning... Thanks for posting it


Awesome. What an easy fix.


Your tip works on Windows Phone 7 also.


Great site, well done IT WORKS!!!


I use a hosted exchange and they could not easily restart IIS so they suggested this fix.


Thank you for your job!!! I will recommend you to all my friends... Visit my site and add your comments.


As I AM the Exchange Administrator I thought it very strange that their was a problem with the certifcates, and restarting IIS didn't work.

Kunal Shah

I got this problem as I changed my Active Directory password as a routine. Unchecked emails, synced the device, again checked the emails, synced back... and it worked!!

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