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October 03, 2006


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Thanks for posting. I am about to get a DFL -210 myself but I am concerned that it will be too complex (even though I have set up a lot of routers). I found your posts interesting!

Stephen Skarlatos

As long as you make regular backups of the config, you can back out changes and you should be fine. The theory and examples in the documentation also helped.

Ken Johns

I just got a DFL-210 and I am very confused with the setup as I can't get it to work with my T1. If you have any other info on basic or advanced setup it would be very helpful. I will be setting up a vpn also after I get the internet working. Thanks!

Stephen Skarlatos

Did you try my quick config I posted here: The key to getting the router to talk to the outside world in making sure that the WAN interface is showing the correct address and DNS. What does your WAN interface status show?

Getting the VPN up and running is on my list. Hopefully I will have time in early November.

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