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September 29, 2006


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I will recomend this site... Excelent work!!! May I use your palette at my site?


I have followed your steps to enable port forwarding. It isn't working. I am seeing default_rule drops in the log.

I have tried multiple services. Is there any preliminary work you had to do in order for this to work? I can access the router from the wan if I setup ssh or https. I have even setup a ping rule and can ping the router from the wan.

If you could help at all I would really appreciate it.

Stephen Skarlatos

What version firmware are you using?


I want to set up port forwarding for my bit torrent client. What services do I select? As well Where do I create the wan_ip3? This router was more then I had bargained for.


Stephen Skarlatos

You need to add a service for Bit Torrent with ports 6881-6889. This is what I gathered from this web site, but I am not a Bit Torrent expert. Once the service is created you can use it in your port forwarding rule.

I am not sure why you need a Wan_ip3, but you can create it under objects/address book/interface addresses.

Hope this helps.


i do this for my https et RDP and it's works very good.

but with my smtp it doesn't work. port 25...
wath's wrong with port 25 ??


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